DIPS5v1.02 download

Two formats of DIPS5v1.02 distribution are available;

DIPS5v1.02 Installer
installs DIPS5v1.02 to folders /Applications/Max5, Max6, and/or Max 6.1.
(to uninstall DIPS5 from Max folder, use UnInstaller located in DIPS5 folder.)


DIPS5v1.02 Disk Image
requires to set the file path to DIPS5/00_Essential in Max application.


includes release notes, version history, and licence notices

release information:
- Bug fixed: file permission of CVTrackData in DIPS_Materials is corrected.

general notices:
- DIPS5 objects except DCV objects run on Mac OS 10.6 as well.
- To use iSight or any USB cameras after activating DIPSKinect object in the patch,
   USB cable of Kinect hardware has to be dispatched from computer's USB port once.
- DlibText and DlibMotion objects require Jogl 1.1.2 installed.
- Version of DIPS5 will be displayed in Max window by creating the object "dips".
- DIPS object list will be displayed by alternate(option)-click on the object "dips".
- Please send Bug report, Questions and Your DIPS problems from Menu>Contact.
- Request of DIPS workshop is also welcome. Please contact us from Menu>Contact.